Duthil Kirk lies about eight miles west of Grantown-on-Spey. The Kirk (Church) contains the graves of many Grants, including a mausoleum where many of the Grant Chiefs and Earls of Seafield are interred.

The Kirk was donated to the Clan Grant Society of the U.K. to be used as a Clan visitor center in Strathspey. The U.S. society has sent numerous donations over the years for the upkeep of the Kirk. It is currently being rennovated and turned into a visitor and cultural center as funds permit (all funds for the upkeep and rennovation of the Kirk come from society member donations).

It is expected that the Duthil Kirk Clan Center will be open to visitors in July and August of each year. Currently one of the members of the Clan Grant Society of the U.K., who lives in the area, tries to man the center during the month of August - contact the U.K. society if you will be visiting Grantown and want to know if anyone will be available at the Kirk for visitors.

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