Contributor Certificates Distributed

Back in 1985 the dream of a Clan Grant centre in the Strathspey area became real when the of historic Duthil Kirk in Carrbridge became available. The kirk building was constructed in 1829 and stands amid the centuries old burial place of Grants. One of the mausoleums contains the remains of the six Chiefs of Grant from 1585 until Caroline, Countess of Seafield, directed that it be permanently closed. In August of 1986 the kirk was turned over to the Clan Grant Heritage Trust in the presence of an audience of Grants from around the world.

The United Kingdom (UK) branch of the Clan Grant Society initiated the substantial effort to acquire and renovate the kirk. They have through hard work and dedication achieved this goal for the benefit of the worldwide Clan Grant Societies and indeed for all Grants and septs who look back to Strathspey for their heritage.

George H. Grant, our Convenor-Emeritus, quickly raised the banner here in the U.S., calling us to support the newly acquired kirk. George believed and said that each contributor should receive a memento certificate. On September 3, 1997 certificates of acknowledgment from The U.S. branch of the Clan Grant Society were sent to the contributors who answered George’s call. By the time you read this, all contributors who sent donations to the Duthil Kirk Fund Treasurer should have received their certificates.


Clan Grant Centre Needs Continued Support

However, the cause is not won. We, the Clan Grant Society of the U. S. as a whole, with a few notable exceptions have been slow to realize the huge need for support required to renovate Duthil Kirk and its grounds. Since October 1986 when the Stone’s of Clearwater Florida sent the first check to the newly established Duthil Kirk Fund of the U.S. Clan Grant Society, there have been 102 contributors donating $6,345. One contributor has given $1500 over eleven years, another $700, ten between $100 and $300, and the majority below $100. The vision for the kirk is a Clan Grant Centre of which Grants worldwide can be proud. Sir Patrick Grant of Dalvey is the current Chair of the UK Society and of the effort to bring the kirk up to National Historic Trust standards and develop it as a museum and centre for us, for you, for Clan Grant.

The U.S. contributions over the last eleven years have helped to make the kirk a possibility as our Clan Grant Centre. But, it needs continuous support from us, the U.S. Society, as well as all Clan Grant Societies. The UK Society, as hard as they are trying, can not and should not be expected to do it all for all of us. Soon, I hope to see a renewed, coordinated appeal from Sir Patrick to establish a continuing means of support for our centre. But until that time, the U.S.’s Duthil Kirk Fund still needs your contributions. Our U.S. goal must be to provide continuous, substantial support for the centre, if it is to have a future.

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