"A mountain inflamed, proper". This represents "Craig Elachie" (pronounced "K-ray-g-EL-uh-hee") the so-called "Rock of Alarm", the gathering place for the Clan when the signal fires were lit on its summit to rally the Clan to battle.

The badge is encircled by a buckled strap with the Clan's motto of "Stand Fast" on it. The buckled strap indicates a clansman's allegiance to their clan and Chief, and indicates that the badge is not their own. This is as close as a clansman comes to a "coat-of-arms".

The clan plant badge for Clan Grant is the Scots Pine - a sprig of which was typically worn in the clansman's bonnet to identify his clan.

The Grant's ancient motto is "Stand Fast!", which refers to a historical incident with the Norse King "Haaken", considered to be a distant forebear of the Clan, according to the Clan's oral tradition.

As this story goes, Haaken was set upon by a group of enemies at which point he ripped a tree sapling out of the ground and used it to successfully hold off his attackers, all the while exhorting his supporters to stand fast, or not back down from the battle. "Stand Fast" became the motto of his family and stems from this incident. For the latest research into the Clan's origins see the Clan Grant History site.

The Grant's modern motto in Scotland is "Craig Elachie", which is the name of the mountain nicknamed "The Rock of Alarm", where the old Chiefs of Clan Grant would have signal fires lit to call their men to battle. The United States Clan Grant Society retains the ancient motto as the motto of Clan Grant.

The Grant's war-cry is "Stand Fast, Craig Elachie!" (pronounced "K-ray-g-El-uh-khee"). Stand Fast is the Clan's motto, and Craigellachie is the "Rock of Alarm" - the gathering place of the Clan during times of crisis, when signal fires were lit on its summit to rally the Clan to battle.

This is the Coat of Arms of the Chief of Grant. These arms are the Chief's personal arms and should always be identified as such. Only the Clan Chief and his immediate family are authorized to display and wear the Coat of Arms. Note the mountain aflame depicted at the top of the coat of arms. This is the only portion of the coat of arms that other members of the clan are allowed to display, encircled by a buckled strap to indicate that the arms are not their own.



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